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A Place Where Artists Flourish

Buffalo Art Movement supports the development of emerging and established artists in Western New York. We strive to foster collaboration and provide a platform for artists in our community.

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Upcoming Exhibitions

Fritz Proctor: Upon the Cave

By exploring the themes of certainty, uncertainty, scale, abstraction and representation, Fritz Proctor creates visual poems that display an experience of what remembering is like. Through his layered process, Proctor creates works that capture time and memory as felt physically and mentally.

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Peter Fowler

Peter Fowler’s unique style is honed from a theory, imparted to him during a painting course at the Museum School taught by Jon Imber, which emphasizes that the raw painterly use of oils should speak for itself without much glazing or frill.

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Art as a Political Weapon

Art as a Political Weapon highlights the works of Western New York artists as they examine the soul of our country and sound the alarm of reason that is necessary to inspire change for a better future.

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