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Paco's Herd by Peter Fowler

Temporarily closed for installation until May 21

Obamas 4 by Peter Fowler
Cordelia Guzman

A Place Where Artists Flourish

Buffalo Art Movement supports the development of emerging and established artists in Western New York. We strive to foster collaboration and provide a platform for artists in our community.

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Upcoming Exhibitions


May 21-July 2

Jillian Taylor – Haven

Guided by observation and inspired by nature and family, Jillian Taylor’s “Haven” is a reminder of the simple pleasures we sometimes take for granted.

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Kristin Brandt – mass

Informed by her relationship between art and meditation, Kristin Brandt invites us to acknowledge the collective consciousness within movement and the abstract.

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Michael Constantine – Pretty Thoughts

As a continuation of “On grieving…” Michael Constantine’s “Pretty Thoughts: relief from unpleasant realities,” takes us into a journey of coping with the traumas of anxiety and identity.

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Song of Myself

LGBTQ+ Artists from the Gerald Mead Collection

Honoring LGBTQ+ artists from WNY who throughout history have created works that celebrate our journey from confusion, shame and fear to acceptance and pride. 


Featured Artwork by Alice O’Malley

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