​​Marc Duquette - Buffalo Art Movement
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​​Marc Duquette

​​Marc Duquette is primarily a figure and portrait artist working in oils. He paints in a classical representational style of the Old Masters, while creating contemporary images. His narrative figure paintings are sometimes surreal, sometimes more literal, but always personal. Some works are reflections on his  life and the experiences that have shaped it. Other work is a commentary on, or reaction to events, people, society, popular norms, and life in our world. Marc uses metaphors in his work to illustrate a belief, experience, or emotion.  

Marc was involved in drawing and painting as well as many sports as a child. When he entered high school, his focus switched from artwork to wrestling. This continued as he competed for Hofstra University and after, training for Senior National level events and the US World Team trials. While in college, Marc began coaching wrestling at a local club, later for a community college, and finally at a high school. He has found that many of the hard lessons learned from wrestling can be translated directly to being a professional artist.

In 2000, Marc went back to university to pursue an art degree. After graduating from SUNY Buffalo State College (B.A., Art) in 2002, he attended several workshops and continued to study on his own for the next 8 years. Marc was introduced to the Academy of Realist Art in Toronto and fell in love with it. He drove back and forth between Buffalo and Toronto several times a month for nearly 7 years to study the Academic method and tradition of drawing and painting. By acquiring the skills necessary to achieve a level of competence in painting and drawing, Marc can justly create the images to tell his story. He has committed to continually pushing to learn and grow as a painter, striving to make the next work better than the last.

Courtesy of BAM

5:00-10:00 PM