Bianca MacPherson

 Bianca MacPherson is a notorious ceramic sculpture artist who was born in Buffalo, New York and recently graduated from Buffalo State College with her BFA in ceramic design this past December (2022). Bianca’s work has earned her multiple accolades, as she has been the selected nominee to Buffalo States Windgate-Lamar Fellowship, along with several other awards across the Visual Arts board at Buffalo State: 

Deans Creative Associate Award 2022, Sylvia Garaofalo Miller’43 Student Award, and Dr. Margaret E. Bacon Best of Studio Award for Ceramics.



Bianca spent this past summer in Maine participating in back-to-back artist residencies at Haystack Mountain School of Craft and Watershed Center for Ceramic Design

Her work simultaneously is calming and tumultuous, as of the natural world from which she pulls inspiration, her art in clay touches us organically.

We see the metamorphosis of the earth reproduced into form. 



The human condition, at times triumphant, at times mundane, is how Bianca connects through these sculptures. The effects of time and the process of the environment… water shaping rocks softening them, changing their shape – represents that unavoidable change to find a way through. Bianca’s expertise highlights how things that seemingly don’t fit together, co-exist and express beauty in unity. She connects us to its ebb and flow, like the ocean, we are drawn to these feelings yet sometimes undertake where they fit in. 

Bianca reveals a connection to a world we no longer recognize, through her will and vision to adapt, reform, and remake.

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