Cheryl Gorski - Buffalo Art Movement
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Cheryl Gorski


Cheryl Gorski is a Fashion Journalist documenting the mesmerizing moments happening backstage, front row, and on the riser of some of the most iconic Fashion Runway shows and presentations New York City offers. Gorski’s energetic and driven nature leads her into the nightlife of afterparties, concerts, events, and on-the-whim editorial shoots, as everyone admires her creative direction and skill in photography.


Since graduating from Buffalo’s Academy for the Visual and Performing Arts in 1987, Gorski has been photographing the fashion scene in New York City with journalistic precision.


Chery Gorski’s work has been inspired by Richard Avedon, Steven Meisel, David Sims, and Nigel Barker.  Her unique style of cinematography is a blend of fashion and documentary. She is a master at capturing visual insights into style, portraits, journalism, and nature.


Cheryl developed Fashion Maniac after realizing she couldn’t be owned. Fashion Maniac’s concept was conceived during the ” film days” and resurrected 20 years later in 2011 as a monthly feature in Buffalo Rising. A year later Fashion Maniac became a global independent media outlet. The site features runway, afterparties, videos, backstage, front row, red carpet, and the hottest trends currently making waves throughout the fashion industry.

Courtesy of BAM

BAM Opening reception Friday, December 15th from 5:00-10:00 PM