Emily Peca - Buffalo Art Movement
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Emily Peca

Emily Peca is a fine artist from Buffalo, New York, currently residing in Savannah, Georgia where she studying painting at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Throughout her work, Emily focus around caricatures which display the effects of identity alteration in response to their respective environments.



“The body is in the present, while the mind is in the past or the future. My mind often returns to the past, where no one else resides anymore. How we unintentionally alter the truths of our past and try to pre-construct our futures is something that I habitually return to. When I create on the surface I want to convey my perception of the altercations of experience. My paintings are about capturing what I cannot see, but can try to remember or predict. Through them I visualize how the psyche can be molded and shaped through fingers and hands on wet clay risen up from the Earth. It can be mashed and carved and sculpted with intention until it turns into a caricature. The labor of crafting the essence of one’s self is a matter of which I study while creating my artwork. In my artistic journey, I have found profound inspiration in the interplay between acrylic paint, fabrics, and various drawing materials, as they enable me to explore the intricate nuances of human expression and the dynamic ways in which we contract our outward appearances”.



Through her work, Emily Peca delve into the complexities of identity and perception, using texture, color, and form to evoke introspection and provoke dialogue about the multifaceted nature of self-presentation in our contemporary world.

Courtesy of BAM

5:00-10:00 PM