Jeannine Mullan - Buffalo Art Movement
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Jeannine Mullan

Jeannine Mullan is an experimental visual artist, challenging the conventions of image-making by blending various processes and layering materials to create mystery and movement in her work.


She lives and works in Buffalo, NY, and is currently a 2021 MFA degree candidate in Visual Arts at Maine Media College of Film and Photography in Rockport, Maine.


A delicate balance between emerging and dissolving forms is essential in her art. This constant energy of change, in a slow dance of transformation, evokes an awareness of the unchanging space that holds all life.


“Consistent in all my work is a love of learning and childlike curiosity. My methodology is experimental. I am present with and in my work. A deep engagement with my materials motivates me and reverence for a creative power greater than myself inspires me.”

Jeannine Mullan

BAM Opening reception Friday, December 15th from 5:00-10:00 PM