Kristin Brandt

Kristin Brandt is an abstract painter, muralist, dancer and spoken word artist, exploring the themes of movement, mindfulness and mediation. Her work has been represented at Artspace, Hallwalls, Buffalo Proper, the Burchfield-Penney Art Center, galleries in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and in private collections internationally.


When she isn’t making art, Kristin Brandt volunteers at Young Audiences, introducing art, yoga and mindfulness to youth in Western New York.


“I am trying to create a sense of a mass or the massive — we are all part of this conglomerate.  I illustrate the sense of the used and loved over time. I’m interested in the marks and scars left by notations of character. I layer faces and forms is as if they are vibrations through a microscope.  My work is my interpretation of those masses and our overall interconnectedness.”

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