WASABI - Buffalo Art Movement
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Street Artists, Thomas Guttuso (Spoon) and Ahmad Johnson Jr. (Wasabi) collaborate their known talents in works to their first exhibition showing, TIME CAPSULE. This showcase of their present works collides with Spoon & Wasabi’s signature art styles to create a realm of nostalgic diversion through their concept of wasabi characters and shape embodiments. This collaborative twist between emerging artists Spoon & Wasabi represents themselves as an intent force symbolizing freedom and resilience within the generational stress of the current world. The childlike play of our fondest memories is brought to life through this concept of time and invites the viewer to enjoy and reflect on the collective psyche.


Spoon & Wasabi naturally narrates a rework of 70s punk culture through a contemporary outlook on our favorite animated Disney and Cartoon Network characters through various uses of paint on canvas and wearable art. As they unite their unique street styles, it opens a new perspective on surreal abstractedness through these inspired animated shapes & characters.


About Wasabi 


Wasabi began his ever-expanding brand W.W. (Wasabi World) in 2017 – designing over 500 handmade 1of1 clothing pieces selling out over Buffalo and other regional cities. Wasabi had his celebrated Mickey Gustavo era from 2018-2021, as it rippled waves throughout enthusiasts. During that span, he found a style that continuously flowed with him – the recreation of Mickey Mouse slightly deranged in several individual punk versions. These visions brought an innovative take on the 17th-century punk years, as Wasabi emphasized the historical reference through raw, deconstructive artistry. He continues to play with mid-1970s inspirations through his growing collective of anime sushi characters, representing the modern times of high fashion streetwear. Wasabi became so accustomed to this vision he proclaimed, “I could do it in my sleep”. 


The collision between these two contemporary artists invites new ideas of aptitude – all while expressing the youth pulling inspiration from the nostalgic grunge of the 70s.

Opening night cocktail reception: Feed your Fire/Sooth your Soul and 1989 Until the day after tomorrow. June 7th, 2024. 5:00-10:00 PM