Virtual Capsule Collections From Western New York Artists

BAM! Lab is an art portal inspired by capsule collections or prototype designs in the fashion and engineering industry. The vision of BAM! Lab is to introduce and highlight concepts that artists are experimenting with and present them to our community. Throughout our virtual gateway we hope that their pioneering frame of work can reach a larger audience. The art featured in BAM! Lab can be seen in a private viewing upon request in our gallery.

Michael Constantine, QUESTION but Don’t Offend, 2020, 24 in x 30 in, acrylic on canvas

On grieving…

Michael Constantine’s capsule collection represents an emotional output of a man who has survived mental and physical abuse within his own community and from a country who refuses to acknowledge him as an equal. 

John Van Houten, Hall Pass, 2019, 30.125 in x 22 in, oil, acrylic and ink on board

Shadows of Our Youth

John Van Houten’s capsule collection captures the mood and psychological development of adolescents in Western New York during the 90’s. He creates a distinct and disrupted reality of scenes that look and feel like sharp photographs reminiscent of high school yearbooks. His precise brushstrokes purposely blur his work to create a sense of loss and conflict.

Our current exhibitions will be on display until May 8th 2022