Dear Citadel - Buffalo Art Movement
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Dear Citadel

Dear Citadel,


          Have mercy,


Amidst the arid anguish brought by cold, my beloved still chuckle

at the banners of blue caressing cold displays during every mornings destiny

and berate the blasphemous possibility that before winters banners cease to  fly


          we may perish.


After the storm, they will find the dead dark boy, clutching his mother dearly

dark as they are against the crusted canvas of ninguid white water, they are still forgotten

They will be found in the fodder left from fierce and feral wind, grasping for one another, gasping

for heat, alone on that highway hoping someone hears them holler


Dear borough buried in the midwestern bay,


         could the custard wind carry any less crisis?


WT Joshua

Dear Citadel 5 

BAM Opening reception Friday, December 15th from 5:00-10:00 PM