Apply for Exhibition at Buffalo Art Movement (BAM!)
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1st Annual ART EXPO 2023

As part of our mission at BAM!, we are committed to uncovering new talent and becoming a platform for emerging artists in Western New York. We proudly support a diverse range of concepts and styles from which our artists’ work informs, inspires, and challenges our community to see the world anew. BAM! is pleased to introduce and host the first Emerging Art EXPO of 2023.



Our BAM! EXPO showcases the work of emerging artists curated by Tiffany Gaines and Edreys Heru Wajed. We received up to 120 submissions, and twenty-eight of the driven artists were accepted. All artworks selected include several distinct mediums of painting, illustrations, fiber optics, mixed media, and sculptures representing the new wave of Western New York artists. Our universal visionary, and creative director, Brooke Blakely, amplifies our welcoming atmosphere to all human beings, as we aim to explore and experience art in all its many forms. We take great honor and pride in showcasing the integrity, diversity, and inclusive excellence of newly found artists because it not only deepens our public understanding of one another but opens doors to new possibilities. At BAM! we encourage and invite our community to stay curious and to continue learning, as it manifests fresh inspirations and brings us closer together as a whole. 


Tiffany Gaines 

Curatorial & Digital Content Associate

Burchfield Penney Art Center


Edreys Heru Wajed 

Multifaceted Artists

Curator for the Albright Knox Gallery 



A sincere and lively congratulations to our selected emerging artists: 

Andrew Biggie, Brandon Oleksy, Nicole Chocherk, Scott Olmstead, Alison Cortes, Jake Matthews, Julia Marie Assad, Aaron Swindle, Janelle Spivey, Kelsie Koerber, Cameron Pagano, Julie Carter, Kyle Pawlowski, Taylor Robers, Eugene Sims, Dominique Mediak-Pirigyi, Patricia Kane, Angela Guest, Emma Brittain, Erin Ruffino, Karlene Kristich, Katherine Myhalenko, Elizabeth Gatto, Lewuga BensonCasey Kremblas, Nicole SwiftMonet Kennedy, and Zahra Lahrache


Cocktail Reception and winning award announcements:

Friday, February 3rd, 2023, 5pm to 10:30pm


Exhibition Dates: February 3rd, thru February 24th, 2023




1st Place: One solo show exhibition at BAM in 2024 and a $1000 cash prize

2nd Place: One solo show exhibition at BAM in 2024 and a $750 cash prize

3rd Place: One solo show exhibition at BAM in 2024 and a $500 cash prize



Located in North Buffalo’s Pierce Arrow Commerce Park, BAM! is within walking distance of cultural institutions like the Buffalo History MuseumBurchfield Penny Art Center, and the world-renowned Albright-Knox Art Gallery. BAM! comprises approximately 4,000 square feet with ceiling heights of 16 feet and is serviced by a dock, freight elevators, a forklift ramp, and a team of dedicated staff that will work with you to achieve your exhibition goals.

For more information about BAM! and the call for artists please contact us at

5:00-10:00 PM