The Legendary Ball Buffalo Art Movement
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The Legendary Ball:

Homage to the Dia de los Muertos

BAM! celebrated the 50th birthday of its founder by creating an exciting fashion experience. In collaboration with the Fashion and Textile Technology Department at Buffalo State College, the event included cocktails reception, appetizers, music, a roast, and a fashion show. Up-and-coming fashion designers presented avant-garde designs inspired by El Dias De Los Muertos and Alexander McQueen.


Cocktails and au devours were created by James Beard Award semifinalist and owner of Las Puertas: Victor Gonzalez-Parra.


The event also focused on raising funds for the Buffalo State College Black Fashion Scholarship Program created by Buffalo State’s Fashion and Textile Technology Department at Buffalo State College.

Fashion Show photo by Cheryl Gorski (11)
Guests@Paco_s Bday photo by Cheryl Gorski (143)
Backstage photo by Cheryl Gorski (4)

Photographs by Cheryl Gorski.


Cheryl Gorski is a photographer, fashion journalist and artist from Buffalo. With her unique style, she has captured iconic moments during multiple runaway fashion shows at New York Fashion Week. Her work has no borders. Some of her clients include Susanne Bartsch, Kyle & Shahida, and Fashion Maniac to mention a few.

Basquiat meets Bergdorf Goodman Fashion Show, February 18th at 8pm!