Souls - Buffalo Art Movement
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March 3rd to March 31st 2023

I am interested in the authenticity of people and the daily situations they face within the context of their culture

The “Souls” exhibition at BAM shows a collection of photographs all taken in 2022 by photographer Tom Schmitt during his journeys last year. This exhibition features intimate, emotional and environmental portraits of people from around the world, showcasing the diversity and complexity of human situations and emotions.



Since a camera always looks in two directions, these photographs are as much about the subjects as they are about the artist and what the subject evokes in him.



Through his lens, Tom captures the raw and unguarded moments of his subjects, ideally revealing parts of their personalities and the unique soul within each individual.



His images are not only a visual representation of his subjects, but also a reflection of his own personal journey as a photographer. This exhibition is not only an opportunity to admire the artistic talents of Tom but also to gain insight into the lives of people from around the world and the emotional connection that exists between photographer and subject. It’s a must-see for anyone interested in photography and wants to understand the power of the medium to connect people, and bring out their unique personalities and soul.

Exhibition Preview

BAM Opening reception Friday, December 15th from 5:00-10:00 PM