Periwinkle - Buffalo Art Movement
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April 7th to April 28th 2023

I’m working to create a unique visual language in my paintings that feels personal to me. I want these paintings to feel like they all exist in their own world together.

Periwinkle is the new solo exhibition of Kevin Burzynski and showcase a collection of paintings that could be described as playful dreams. 


Kevin is a visual mixed media artist from Buffalo, NY who experiments with photography and collage, but primarily focuses on paint mediums. In Kevin’s newest exhibition, Periwinkle, you can foresee his playful curiosity, driving his detail-orientated elements. This approach further creates depth and texture throughout his work. As Kevin uses figurative and abstract notions of imagery, the outcome captivates our senses, letting the imagination run wild. The nostalgic focal points he pursues of mundane to extreme conceptual abstraction are perfectly non-suggestive to the creative eye. This style of design allows viewers to feel an escape into their unique imaginations, reminding us all to dream bigger. 


The use of Kevin’s mixed media style with his tattered pastel color pallet, brings a joyous yet thought-provoking experience. Art often inspires these feelings within us, connecting us to past memories while creating new impressions in the moment.


The exhibition showcases figurative motifs purposely inserted in large abstract canvases, as a way to visually recreate random dreams. Kevin applies his distinctive sand textured style to create a unique personal visual language.


His paintings exist in their own world together. He has created a physical world with recurring motifs, colors, and figures- that may or may not be accompanied by the occasional character. The occasional characters or animal- typically sourced from pre-existing samples taken from old magazines or the internet- help the viewer place themselves in what would otherwise be seen as completely abstract image, but now it serves as a landscape. Each painting is a frozen imaging of a dream within a dream.


In his world the subject matter never overpower the painting itself and that is reflective in the scale and proportion of the composition of his work. The sand texture used helps emphasize the concept that “the paintings are solid and heavy and physical,  not just a disposable image that can survive only image on a screen”.


The name of the show Periwinkle is simply the name of a color often used in his work.  It has a sort of triviality and innocence about it that suggests that words don’t matter much in relation to art work created.



Exhibition Preview

Closing Reception of
KiKi by Cheryl Gorski &
Souls by Thomas Schmitt

March 31st, 5-10pm!