Peter Fowler - Buffalo Art Movement
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Peter Fowler

December 18 - February 12 2020

The paint has power and if you can let it do its thing, maybe you'll find what's inside of you and put that onto the canvas.

Ranging in subjects from painted landscapes to theatrical café scenes and imaginary figures, Peter Fowler’s delicate brushwork and luscious use of paint highlight a joyful energy throughout his work. Fowler’s dynamic technique is based on the practice of “letting the paint speak,” to create works that emphasize raw painterly use of oils. Throughout the trajectory of his over 30 year painting career and influences from artist Jon Imber, a disciple of Phillip Guston, Fowler has honed onto his experiences to develop a signature style that extends beyond time and boundaries.


Pictured: El Oso y sus Ángeles (The Bear and his Angels), 2020, Oil on canvas, 52 in x 48 in

Opening night cocktail reception: Feed your Fire/Sooth your Soul and 1989 Until the day after tomorrow. June 7th, 2024. 5:00-10:00 PM