Raw, and UnSugared - Buffalo Art Movement
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Raw, and UnSugared

April 7th to April 28th

Raw, and UnSugared is Sherry Arndt second showcase at BAM! Two years ago, her exhibition ef-fect introduced WNY to her unconventional techniques which have defined her artistic style over the last decade.


Sherry’s process of layering colors and applying texturizing methods that fractures those layers, she creates canvases that mimic the complexity of human emotions. As we undergo our day-to-day lives, we accumulate experiences (often mislabeled as emotional baggage) that can pierce our being and expose our layered and complex walls we battle to hide. Life always has a way of bringing out our true selves. In Raw and UnSugared, Sherry uses a bold color palette of greens, blues, purples and reds, creating her newest art collection of “abstract portraits”. These pieces reflect upon her recent life experiences through the exposure of her intentful layers.


In Sherry’s exhibition, Raw and UnSugared, we further our appreciation for her emotional connection to her work and the lasting effect it has on our viewers.

``I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it`` - Pablo Picasso

Exhibition Preview

Closing Reception of
KiKi by Cheryl Gorski &
Souls by Thomas Schmitt

March 31st, 5-10pm!