Sanctuaries - Buffalo Art Movement
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June 3rd to August 12th

“My current work is a love letter to the inherent peace and beauty of abandoned urban spaces


“In my paintings, I want to share the beauty of these interstitial spaces and the sense of peace I find there.”


Seth Brauchler


Buffalo Art Movement Lab (BAM Lab) is proud to present Seth Brauchler’s debut show. Seth has mastered the watercolor medium and has a unique and modern take on it. There’s a part of Seth’s anxious mind that is always looking for an escape, which drives him to find quiet, lonely places where he can catch his breath. It guides him down silent streets, through alleys, under bridges, and behind the shells of crumbling buildings. Seth finds comfort and sanctuary in the wild, liminal spaces on the edges of urban life. In his art, he seeks to share the beauty of these interstitial spaces and the sense of peace that he finds there.

Seth often works on a small scale to create intricate spaces that capture the viewer’s attention. His work creates a sense of nostalgia and comfort in spaces often ignored.

About the artist:

Seth Brauchler grew up in Fredonia, NY. He studied art at Jamestown Community college. Art has been a constant life companion. He works at Hyatt’s all things creative. In addition to painting, Seth designs one-of-a-kind jewelry that often incorporates his microscopic watercolor artwork.



About BAM Lab



BAM! The lab is an art portal inspired by capsule collections or prototype designs in the fashion and engineering industry. The vision of BAM! The lab is to introduce and highlight concepts that artists are experimenting with and present them to our community. Throughout our physical or virtual gateway, we hope that their pioneering frame of work can reach a private viewing upon request in our gallery. Seth is our first artist of BAM Lab presenting an in-person exhibition at BAM.

Exhibition Preview

5:00-10:00 PM