Shouts of Gratitude - Buffalo Art Movement
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Shouts of Gratitude

June 3rd to August 12th

``Through my work, I want the viewer to reflect what is truly important in life

Shouts of Gratitude


Noma Bliss


Noma believes by focusing her creative ability on bringing light to this place we call home, we will in turn bring harmony between mankind and all of creation. If we do not re-establish ecological unity with the natural world, all our artistic accomplishments will be meaningless.


Noma’s work is executed in a variety of materials, predominantly acrylic. She works very small to very large scale. The paintings are generally figurative simplistic in design, but generate a powerful message of dignity, integrity, and dedication to the wellbeing of this world.


Since 2008 Noma has focused most of her creative ability to produce fine art for galleries, private collections and corporations. Noma’s art constitutes a body of work which directs viewers to having a connection with creation, trees, animals, plants, and most of all human beings. Through use of color, design and subject matter one becomes at peace with what is truly important in life, that is, our earth and all it contains.


 About Noma Bliss


Noma was born and raised in upstate NY.  She considers herself a self-taught artist, being largely influenced as a young child by her ingenious father and in part, her gifted mother.  She realized from the first time she held a crayon and began to draw, that pictures were a compelling force that dictated feelings, inspiring the viewers to have a sense of who she was.  Art allowed her to express thoughts without words, which in fact stimulated her quiet whispers, not only of herself but others.


Noma has been working as an artist/illustrator for over thirty years. Her illustrations have been published in the Harvard Business Review, Bike magazine, The London times, The Guardian, Architecture Las Vegas, Emory Medicine Magazine, Cio Magazine, Psychology Today, Liberty Magazine, San Francisco Chronicles, Jonh Hopkins, McGraw Hill, Essence, Upsher Smith, Business Law Today, Supply Chain Magazine, LA Times, Information Weekly and many other publications throughout the world.


She has exhibited her work at the Memorial Art Gallery Museum Store in Rochester, NY, The Winston Salem Gallery, Winston Salem, NC, Doctor Vigari Gallery, Vancouver, BC and Bellevue Gallery, Vancouver, BC Canada.

Exhibition Preview

Opening night cocktail reception: Feed your Fire/Sooth your Soul and 1989 Until the day after tomorrow. June 7th, 2024. 5:00-10:00 PM