Witches Ball x BAM! - Buffalo Art Movement
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Navigate Buffalo Art Movement‘s first ever Art Mural Maze sponsored by Hyatt’s All Things Creative. Eight artists have been tasked to create original works of art exclusively for the 2021 Witches Ball. Snap a pic of yourself in front of this interactive exhibit and tag your friends and our local artists.

Featured Artists

Chris Piontkowski


Chris Piontkowski is a Buffalo-based artist known for brightly colored murals depicting floral and geometric pop art elements. You can catch his work displayed in Hertel Alley, along Elmwood Avenue, Black Rock and Eggertsville. As a graduate from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, where he studied media art and animation, Chris’ street art is often influenced by his favorite childhood cartoons and video games. Through his art, Chris aims to bring positivity, smiles and joy to his audiences. 



Alyssa Capri


As a self-taught artist, Alyssa Capri creates figurative and portrait work that aims to incorporate stories, emotions and non-traditional materials. Originally from Tucson, AZ., Alyssa Capri has been a professional artist for nearly ten years creating several murals throughout Buffalo and exhibiting work at local galleries like Project 308 and group exhibitions in NYC. She has always treated art as a form of emotional expression that goes beyond subject matter and reveals feelings of repression, liberation and self-realization. 

Chris Main


Over the past 10 years, Chris Main has been a staple to the mural scene in Buffalo. He takes influences from 80’s skateboarding and punk culture, mythology, vintage advertising and pop culture, to create his visual style. Primarily using acrylic, aerosol and digital media as materials for his work, you can catch Chris producing large scale live art at events like Music is Art and around Buffalo. 

Kelly Kresconko


Visual Artist Kelly Kresconko combines subtle elements of the macabre with traditional beauty to create artwork focused on the distortion of the human figure. Born in Buffalo, Kelly studied graphic design at Villa Maria College and then earned a degree in visual arts and new media from SUNY Fredonia. She has exhibited work in Baltimore, New York City and throughout WNY. 



Renée Helda


As a designer and art director, Renée Helda has always found ways to explore her creativity and art techniques within her work. In her process, she combines her hand of graphic design with fine art and illustration.



Emma Roberts


Emma Roberts is a graphic designer and illustrator living and working in Buffalo. She graduated from Buffalo State College with a degree in communication design and art. She currently works within the local advertising industry and has won many awards for her work. When she is not producing work, Emma is conjuring up immersive illustrations based on dark fantasy themes.



Cody Hughes


Cody Hughes is a watercolorist living and working in Buffalo. You can often find him live painting and performing local music shows.

Rork Maiellano


Rork Maiellano is an artist, illustrator and tarot card reader living and working throughout Buffalo and the Rochester area. His works are characterized by his intricate use of colored pencils and is often inspired by mythology and folklore. 

5:00-10:00 PM