Apply for Exhibition at Buffalo Art Movement (BAM!)
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Call for Artists

As part of our mission of supporting emerging and established artists, Buffalo Art Movement offers the opportunity for regional, national and international artists to showcase their work in collaboration, solo and themed exhibitions. Located in North Buffalo’s Pierce Arrow Commerce Park, BAM! is within walking distance to cultural institutions like the Buffalo History Museum, Burchfield Penny Art Center and the world renowned Albright-Knox Art Gallery. BAM! is comprised of approximately 4,000 square feet with ceiling heights of 16 feet and serviced by a dock, freight elevators, a forklift ramp and a team of dedicated staff that will work with you to achieve your exhibition goals. There is no deadline for exhibition submissions and proposals are accepted on an ongoing basis. We invite artists of all mediums to visit our gallery and reimagine our exhibition space.

For more information about BAM! and the call for artists please contact us at

Come visit BAM to see works by Mikayla Bader, Spoon, and Wasabi!