ADRIFT - Buffalo Art Movement
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January 6th to January 27th

“As important as it is for me to honor the past, it is vitally more important for me to be fearless in forging a new identity.



The human condition is delicate. We are thrust into an unknown world, and we struggle to find the place where we fit. The search for fitting and belonging can seem endless. As we change and morph ourselves into limitless iterations, we seldom pause to appreciate the beauty in adaptation. Evolution shows us the beauty in ‘not fitting’, as nature knows no bounds, no limits, on where it grows and produces. 


Bianca MacPherson’s solo exhibition, A D R I F T, showcases a series of amorphous ceramic forms, which refuse to conform to traditional depictions of nature. This body of work sheds light on her growing up as a BIPOC woman, continually searching for a place that never quite feels at ease with her identity. This deep-rooted longing heavily influences her work by referencing and abstracting organic artifacts found in nature. The earth’s formless formations of water, fire, air, and space, work in unison to create the in-betweens of solid rock, plant, and human life. Finding our way in the grey area makes for the opportunity to create new forms of possibility or more ways of seeing. Bianca makes space for “the other” and strives to tether us closer to our shared human experience.


About Bianca MacPherson 

Exhibition Preview

Basquiat meets Bergdorf Goodman Fashion Show, February 18th at 8pm!